A Google search of, “Mistakes real estate agents make,” will bring up a laundry list of results. These lists contain some of the bigger mistakes, for example, not having a business plan. These lists don’t address any of the small mistakes that could potentially be costing you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 7 Small Mistakes that Are Costing You Big Dollars. 

1. Having a Full Voice Mail

voicemailAlthough people are shying away from leaving voice mails, that doesn’t mean realtors should allow their inbox to fill up. The majority of people who leave voice mails are 30+ years-old. This accompanied with the fact that the average first-time home buyer is 31 (California Association of REALTORS), means that if someone is going to leave a message they are a potential/current client.



2. Having Spelling Mistakes, Anywhere

Listings without spelling mistakes sell three days faster on average against those with mistakes. This is a very easy fix in your day-to-day marketing. Take the time, proof-read, and edit your text multiple times before publishing anything.

3. Having a Non-Responsive Website.

platform screensLet’s look at some numbers:

  • Over 50% of all search queries on Google were done via mobile phone in 2013.
  • 96% of websites on the web aren’t responsive
  • 72% of consumers prefer visiting a site which is responsive (Forbes)

So if you’re website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re losing potential business.

4. Using Dated Headshots

Your headshot is (in most cases) the first thing a prospective client sees before contacting you. Though we all want to party like it’s 1999, we don’t want our pictures to be from the same era as well. Headshots should be updated every 1-3 years depending on any drastic look changes that have happened. If your brokerage is doing group headshots, get them done.

5. Having a Unprofessional Email Address.

bad emailYour email is not where you should put your company slogan. It’s where you should put your name. Using an email such as john-the-man74@gmail.com says a couple things about you as a realtor:

  1. You’re not serious about your business
  2. You’re not up-to-date with modern marketing


6. Too Much Self-Promotion.

This is the biggest marketing mistake real estate agents make. They market themselves too much. Marketing is effective, when tasteful. Instead of telling your story, tell your client’s stories.

If you’re able to celebrate how the Johnson family (example) found their perfect home, you will be better off than just showing pictures of yourself. Also, forcing your way into homes via coffee mugs and calendars is not a good way to retain business.

7. Forgetting About Clients After the Transaction.

Good real estate agents get clients, great ones retain clients. People move every five years (on average), so with that in mind, building relationships post-transaction with your clients is important. Not only do you want to retain business, you want your past clients to become your referral base. Build authentic relationships and you’ll begin to see the referrals flying your way.