ezflix LLC, a RealBiz Media Group company, announces beta release of a new mobile app for real estate agents.

Today ezflix LLC announced its long awaited beta launch of their mobile application, ezflix. This mobile application allows real estate agents to access their listings on a mobile device and add live video, still photos, custom voice overs and empowers them to share those updates with their own contacts, social media outlets and high profile consumer real estate listing portals.

This collaborative system will allow real estate agents and their assistants to set themselves and their listings apart by allowing them to insert relevant local content directly into their listing video presentation. “This tool empowers the local agent to tell their story and the story of each listing in a way that’s relevant to the consumer and to the community”, said Steve Marques, CRO for RBM.

The initial beta will start Friday, November 7th as a controlled launch with multiple layers of the real estate community consisting of high profile brokers and their agents along with senior corporate managers, MLS executives and industry data suppliers invited to use the application and provide critical feedback to the development team. “This controlled beta launch provides us with invaluable feedback and allows us to quickly cycle the development enhancements we need to open the application up to everyone in the industry which we expect to do within 10 or so business days from this beta launch”, said Dan Skoglund, General Manager for the program.

“We’re very excited so far with the interest we’ve received from major MLS organizations, data providers, industry partners and real estate franchises”, said Steve Marques, CRO of RBM. “We have some immediate joint ventures on the table with multiple industry partners that will make the app a valuable tool to over 35,000 agents in a matter of weeks. This is a really exciting time for us.”

Real Biz Media Group plans to open up the beta registration queue this Friday November 7th on their website http://www.ezflixapp.com.


Dan Skoglund

General Manager


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ezFlix LLC

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