Project Description

RealBiz first got its start in video for real estate over a decade ago and naturally turned its sights from a single stream technology group into the full-service marketing agency it is today. This meant that when Century 21 needed a corporation-wide solution for video, we had the perfect fit.


RealBiz now powers C21 agents with 100% automated listing videos by taking their current listing photos and rendering them complete with music, voiceover and movement. Video adds important elements to the real estate space by creating information rich content that both clients and search engines love. We take it to the next level by making shareable landing pages for each with agent’s full contact info and branding to increase click-through rates and sky rocket time on site. At the end, you’re left with an SEO monster that can push your enterprise or brokerage to the next level.


Learn more by scheduling a quick live demo with one of our representatives who can walk you through the entire process with all of our video capabilities and other services that we offer exclusively for larger clients.